Wrecker crane...The Bull...clearing a derailment, 1950s.

New depot extension, completed in 1913.

Depot, 1923.

Pecos River bridge used from1883 until the High Bridge was built in 1893

The Bull...

and its handlers.

Section crew at Feodora about 1950, Octaviano Lopez, Cruz Lopez, Honorato Garcia, Manuel Salas, Alonzo Villarreal and Agapito Lopez, with Ray Clifford, foreman.

Wreck in the Sanderson yard, 1912.

Track maintenance crew using a hand car at Haymond, 1900.

Switcher working the Sanderson Yard, 1930s.

Earliest known photo of the depot, 1903.

Sanderson Yard, about 1953.

Mr. Kent and Jim Haley, carknockers, 1910.

Pump House west of the depot, 1910.

Roundhouse workers and turntable, 1920.

Switch engine in the Sanderson yards, 1906. L. to r., Lawrence W. Erwin, Fritz Bowen, Sandy Robey, Bill Robey, Harry Newton, Rip Robertson, unknown, and George Walker.

Carknocker (repairman) in the Sanderson Yard, 1915

Roundhouse workers and turntable, 1913.

 Jimmy Davis, Mildred Jones Harris, Jimmy Harris at Dryden depot, prior to closing.  Were operators there in 1956.

New 100' electric turntable, installed 1921, removed in 1925.

Prosperity Special, 20 new steam engines being convoyed to California, 1922.

The depot, shortly before it was demolished in October, 2012

Rail maintenance crew, 1950s.

Roundhouse  and engines, 1920.

Depot, 1920.

View of the railroad yards, 1910

Roundhouse crew, early 1900s: Presciliano Escamilla, W. W. Young - foreman, Fred Savage, ?, Simon Lopez, Pedro Excamilla, ?, Cecilio Lopez, Braulio Gutierrez and kneeling,?​

Posing with Engine #62, 1908.

Snowy day at the depot, 1920s.

Now you don't!

Pump House west of the depot, 1915.

Depot, 1974.

Depot closes, 1996.

Sanderson Chamber of Commerce

Historic Railroad Photos of Sanderson and Terrell County, Texas.

Early GH&SA train, stopped at Paisano Pass in late 1882, before the railroad opened.

Now you see it...

Caboose that sat in the Memorial Park, burned by hoboes.

 Switch engine in Sanderson yards, with Ed Burdwell, Dick Lewellyn, Pete Peterson on ground, rest unknown