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Spring is a good time for hiking in Terrell County

cactus CAPITAL FLOWER slide show

Services in Terrell County - phone numbers

Lodging in Terrell County

​   Budget Inn   (432) 345-2541 
   Canyons RV Park   (432) 345-2916
Chandler Ranch   (713) 703-6615 
Desert Air Motel   (432) 360-3843 
   Dos Lobos Residential Apartments   (281) 467-6027
   Granny’s Guest House   (432) 345-2949
Outback Oasis Motel   (432) 345-2850    1-888-466-8822 
   Roadrunner RV Park   (512) 350-4685   

   airbnb for sanderson


Snakes in Terrell County

​The Outback Oasis Motel in Sanderson, Texas, is unique, as motels go. Housed off the lobby of the office is a full-fledged snake house, with a collection of 35 species of snakes found in Terrell County and the Big Bend. Besides the several varieties of snakes, including a rare albino rattler, the star of the collection is the rare, Gray-banded King Snake, found in the immediate Terrell County area. Sporting bands of orange, gray, black and white, the non-venomous little serpent is much-sought after by collectors.
The snakes that are on display are just the "tip of the iceberg" of his collection. He also breeds snakes and reptiles and may at any time have a case of squirming babies. But, that portion of his collection is not on public display. However, you will be sufficiently entertained by what he does have on display, and he and wife Ruth are always ready to answer questions. 


The Sanderson Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to promoting a wonderful life style with clean air, best-tasting water, striking desert panoramas and the sounds and sights of nature around you. If you enjoy these things, we invite you to come and discover a better way to live. Come visit, open your own business, or vacation in our area and see for yourself.

Sanderson Chamber of Commerce


Cactus Capital of Texas

Cactus Capital Hiking Trail

The 1.7 mile Cactus Capital Hiking Trail winds around the hills northwest of Sanderson to give a magnificent bird’s-eye view of our little valley. The trail begins with a kiosk and visitor information at the corner of 1st and Mansfield Street. Following a white line painted on the street, the entrance to the trail proper is at School and Mansfield, at the foot of Old Baldy, also humorously known as Hominy Hill. Climbing up from the valley floor one is afforded a spectacular view of Sanderson and the Terrell County Eagle Stadium. Then the trail descends to the Eagle track field, crosses the canyon and back up to the mountain top for another spectacular view. The trail ends at the foot of Javelina Hill just off Wilson and Pine. Along the way, small signs identify the unique flora found in our county. Park benches are spotted at intervals for those needing a breather. Hikers must bring water with them...there is no water on the trail. Public restrooms may be found at the Terrell County Courthouse or the Terrell County Visitor Center at 2nd and Oak (Hwy. 90.)                    Hiking.pdf



  Sept. 21 - Sanderson Health Fair @ 1st Calvary Fellowship Hall, 9am - 3:30pm

  Sept. 21 - St James Guadalupanas lunch for senior citizens, Call Sharon  345-2481
  Sept. 22 - Wildlife Field Day @ Community Building, 9am - 4pm

  Sept. 25 - Chamber of Commerce Meeting @ TC Visitors Center, 12:00pm

  Sept. 25 - TCISD Title 1 Meeting @ HS Conference Room, 5:30pm

  Sept. 25 - TCISD Open House @ Teacher Classrooms, 6pm

  Sept. 25 - TCISD College Financial Aid Meeting @ HS Computer Lab, 6:30pm

  Oct. 2 - Sheriff's Office national Night Out @ Bicentennial Park, 6:30pm


  OCT. 13 - pachanga! - tc convention center, @ 6:00 pm & 7:00 pm

  Oct. 13 - Second annual sanderson Color Run @ Bicentennial Park, 6 pm 

  Oct. 20 - Terrell County Rabies Clinic @ TC Animal Shelter, 10am - 12Pm
  Oct. 20 - Saturday Serenades - Free Concerts @ American Legion Hall  - Times TBA

  Oct. 27 - Fall Fest - Halloween Carnival @ St. James Hall - 2 pm - 9 pm

  nov. 9 - veterans day program @ tcisd auditorium, 11:00 am

​  nov. 12 - senior dinner @ tcisd cafeteria, 12:00 pm

​  nov. 17 - Turkey Shoot @ Pistol Range, 11:00 am - Dark

​  nov. 28 - Windmill Lighting @ Bicentennial park, 5:30 pm

  Nov. 30 - Main Street Christmas

  Nov. 30 - Christmas Lights parade

  Dec. 1 - Culture Club Bazaar

  Dec. 1 - Hunters Feast​​​​

Welcome to Sanderson, Terrell County, Texas


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Big Bend

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Chamber Meeting ~ Last Tuesday ~ 12:00pm
 Terrell County Convention Center
P.O. Box 734 ~ Sanderson, TX 79848

​​Monarch Butterflies

in Terrell County

When one thinks of desert, a vast, empty wasteland comes to mind. But the deserts of the Great Southwest are not like that at all. Our deserts are filled with life. Plants and animals thrive in the arid regions, and especially in our section of the Chihuahuan Desert. A wide variety of animals and plants have adapted to harsh conditions and every nook and cranny is inhabited. Our insect life is diverse, and the populations of animals swell during parts of the year as migratory species invade the area on their way to winter quarters in Mexico, Central America and South America. And so it is with the Monarch butterfly, the royalty of the insect world. With its striking orange, black and white patterns, it is instantly recognizable to expert and neophyte alike.     


History at the Terrell County Museum
Here are some articles on Terrell County history you may find interesting: